100 Days Project: Day 001

 The 30 Days of Inktober allowed me to level up my confidence, skill, and honestly my work ethic. During that month of meditative drawing and reflective writing, I felt like I was beginning to find my center again. Starting April 1, I will again carve out a protected drawing time as I begin to draw 100 People in 100 Days.  

1. One drawing a day, every day
2.No more than 90 minutes
3. Sketchbook Drawings
-Guide Lines
-Detail Pencils
-Gray Scale Shadows  

1. Level up figure drawings
2. Find a happy medium between Realism and Cartoon
3. Custom Portrait Portfolio/Etsy Listings – Bring at least one sketch a week to finished portrait. 

Would you all rather see these as a Daily Post here, or a Weekly Round-Up?

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