2020 Summer

Ritual is how we find meaning in the mundane. The girls giggled when I told them to go and put on nice clothes and meet me for an executive council meeting in the living room. They laughed and said I looked weird in a tie, when I put on my shirt and tie with shorts…they didn’t even mention the shorts. This was our first executive council meeting, as part of our first full week together since the new year. We talked about plans for the week, our menu, how we feel about the new situation (excitement and happiness all around) and about the daily schedule which includes independent time, group activity, outdoor time and both screen and no screen time. 

We didn’t execute the agenda and schedule perfectly, but we did our best. It was a good week.

Weeks off are different, but also good. I finished the collection of artwork and sketches that I’m attaching to this post. I’m excited about how it turned out and hope you all like it! I don’t know what its fate will be beyond this space, but am thinking of it as sort of a trial run for the pitch document I will be creating soon to send to agents and publishing houses. Kelly and I have been gardening this spring and summer. the flowers are tall and wild, the tomatoes are ugly and maybe ready to pick soon. We harvested a ton of carrots and I’m putting those purple ones and the leeks in a soup for us tonight. (The weather here is cool and wonderful and soup sounds perfect.) 

I’m going to keep this short for today, because I have some comic drawings and commissions to work on. Thanks for hanging out with me. Until next time, take care and be good.

your friend,

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