Birthdays and Best Friends

I picked up Abby (potato) last friday to take her to lunch for her birthday. She was wearing this pair of yellow sunglass frames with the lenses punched out…and continued to wear them for the rest of our date. She has a flair for the absurd in spite of her sensibleness. She wears that juxtaposition of traits so easily and casually that people naturally follow her lead. Loving her without comment. We got together for Easter morning (Olive told me I looked amazing) and had a lovely morning together in the sunshine.

Easter afternoon was an orphan event at Stephanies house with Sally and other friends who had no other plans. We ate too much, I made some new local illustrator friends as we talked about art and shows. What and who inspires us. I love how easy our community is and as we get older how our passions for what we make deepens but can still enfold new people and ideas.

Speaking of the work and new ideas and goals. As we wrapped up the sketchbook class at the community college this week, I talked about the daily practice of drawing and what a sketchbook is. We talked about what we were going to do this summer, one student wanted to learn to paint digitally, one is talking about printmaking in the fall, and using her sketchbook as a travel journal to catch those small moments, one is seeing the gap in what she wants her drawings to look like and what her skills allow, so she’s chasing that gap.  My goal is to learn to paint using opaque paints. Which is terrifying, and I’m definitly struggling with that skill gap. hahaha

Work has been just bonkers. Luckily I was able to get out and cowork with my BFFs a couple of times. I’m working on this quarter’s sketchbook pdf and am so excited to share it with you all too! This week will be a little bit better because I have two free nights to rest and get other things done. 🙂

Until next week, take care and be good.

Your friend,

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