Does Daily Work Count as a Goal?

Here’s something I’ve been struggling with the past few days. Is daily work, and by that I mean work that will get done no matter what “Special” enough to make it my one big goal for the week? I guess before you answer that, I should put it in context.

This Friday, I’m participating in First Friday at the Science Center, and the theme is Marvel VS DC. I have some work ready to show, but really need to also have some new things on my table as well. Doing those new drawings for this one-time show will happen this week. Now, this is where I start struggling…

One the one hand, the goal is to get the things that I may not have gotten done, done. It’s a way to schedule appointments to visit with that single project. On the other hand however, it feels like I’m adding more “to do” items needlessly onto my schedule and not keeping it simple. “Just one more thing” can quickly turn into a bottleneck. 

This is where I finally came down. There’s going to be certain weeks where I have a very tight deadline that can’t be missed. Taking those seriously, and practicing making them a priority is still a goal that moves things forward. This weeks goal is to have three new illustrations for the Marvel VS DC event I looked up the top three characters and have a couple of ideas.

  • Spiderman and Batman: Gig Poster/T-Shirt inspired design with the text “Spider Beats Bat”. I think I’m going to use an actual bat caught in an orb spider’s web instead of the actual characters on this one.
  • Superman and Captain America: King Playing card with Cap & Supes in opposing corners. I have a few ideas for the text. “American as Apple Pie”, “Resist”, “Together We Stand”…I’m just not sure. There’s so much going on in our world right now and I have a lot of feelings about how we see ourselves as a country.
  • Wolverine and Wonder Woman: It seems like “Nevertheless She Persisted” goes with this one too well.

Fan art is fun, because it lets us examine our work through the lens of established characters and themes. I’m looking forward to working on these and sharing them with you!

Until Friday, take care and be good!
Your friend,

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