Down Time

It seems like I’ve been down in the studio doing design work, or teaching, or working elsewhere kind of nonstop for weeks now. It was really nice getting a little breathing space finally this week to draw in my sketchbook and spend time with friends.

Olive turned nine. It’s kind of hard to believe, except shes grown so much into this amazing young person. She wanted mac and cheese for her birthday dinner my sister-in-law made these hotdog squids with spaghetti. Olive thought they were amazing and so fun. grin.

Sandy’s boyfriend plays keyboard and guitar in a local band, so I went out with her to see him on Saturday. It’s always fun meeting her friends from other parts of her life and seeing how easily they get folded into mine. I don’t think I ever really realized how much I like people until I started meeting my friend’s people. It was noisy, and we danced terribly and I tried to hula-hoop…which was awful, but so much fun. hahaha. It was nice being out and kind of normal.

Did you know that wine coolers aren’t a thing anymore? ┬áSally and I have been joking for what seems like forever about drinking wine coolers together. Just because it would be silly and fun. Sunday we went on a quest and these Seagrams Malt Beverages were all we could find. So we got a variety pack to see what they all tasted like.

Jamaican Me Happy – Tastes like really sweet Lemonaide

Wild Berries – Tastes like Jolly Ranchers

Calypso Colada – Tastes like suntan lotion smells

Classic Lime Margarita – Tastes like Gatorade with Sprite in it.

It was ridiculous and fun, and I introduced Sally to Snap Peas too, so that was kind of awesome.

May’s Photo-A-Day theme is colors and it’s been an interesting challenge finding things that both fit the color of the day and that speak of a narrative to me. Sandy and our friend Jen have been taking photos too, and it’s so fascinating seeing how we all approach the project differently. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the photos with you next time.

Until then, take care and be good!

Your friend,

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