Five Favorite Books 1-5 Harper Hall

A good book always leaves me wanting more. I fell in love with Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, Dragon Riders, and the Harper Hall when I read Dragon Song, Dragon Singer, and the third book of the trilogy Dragon Drums. I definitely wanted more. Luckily, these were just a small part of the series of Dragon Books. So I went back and read her first books, and continued reading them most of the way through middle school, until I was caught up with what was available and moved on to other books. 

The Dragon Riders of Pern books inspired me as a kid because they were full of adventure, and people doing extraordinary things. They also were optimistic about the nature of people, and encouraged working together as a way of life. I spent many afternoon walks home from school imagining myself among the characters in those books. 

Plus, there’s dragons.

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