Flat Tires and Roller Derby Kids

This week is a good example of why it’s important to keep things simple, hahaha! When I left the coffee shop in the city after posting my goal on Tuesday, I had a flat tire…and no jack…and I’d left my phone at home. So I’m thirty miles from home with no phone and my kids are getting home from school in an hour. Things I learned that day. 

  • Gas stations don’t have jacks that you can borrow or payphones.
  • People are so used to being asked for things in the city that they often just tune you out, and won’t offer. 
  • If you need something sometimes it’s best to just flat out ask, rather than hope that help will arrive.

So, I was very late getting home, then my specialty wheel rim was bent, so I had to spend a day finding rims and tires for my ancient car and putting it back together. If my list of goals had been more complicated, most of it wouldn’t have gotten done.

I did manage to get three commission listings up on my Etsy shop though! One is for Custom Cartoon Portraits, one for Roller Derby Name Graphics, and one for a Custom Cartoon Roller Derby Portrait. The sample pictures aren’t perfect yet, and some of them are probably more confusing than helpful. I felt like it was better to have something than nothing though, and now that the listings exist, I can get the photos set right and go back to edit them later. 

I have to do some images to use as ads on social media anyway. 😉

I’m going camping this weekend with the kids, and then Roller Derby practice tomorrow. It looks like it’s going to be beautiful and I’m hoping to get some drawing done. Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll talk again on Monday!

Take care and be good

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