Inktober 2 Be Honest

Does anybody else do this? I tell myself that “I need to do work harder” or “I need to do more…” Whatever that more is. I asked for this skull for Christmas about five years ago as a reaction to one of those “I need to do more…” moments. Specifically I need to do more life drawing and this will help me understand form better.

I’ve owned this skull for (at least) five years now, and have drawn it twice before today. Both times were this summer as a lesson in the drawing class I teach at the community college. There’s a lot of things like that in my life, and I could probably doa lively little series on languishing dreams. That sounds a little morose though, so I won’t…probably.

This personal “You know what I need” conversation is part of my Love/Hate relationship with art books. I’ll say something like “Bernie Wrightson is such an amazing artist! He was inspired by watching hours of old ‘Hammer’ monster movies as a kid and drawing the whole time. Maybe if I did that too, I can get as good as him!” Ha-ha-ha!

First off, I’m not a little kid anymore. That ship has sailed.

Second, I’m inspired by the Muppets and the Goonies. Love and adventure. Monsters don’t really do it for me.

Third, and probably most important, I missed the main message of the statement. “DRAW FOR HOURS DOING SOMETHING THAT INSPIRES YOU”.

I need to work harder. 🙂

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