One Thing Firsting

Monday was a holiday, and I spent it with Abby at a Roller Derby scrimmage and then skating at a skate park. We were beat when we got home so I fell asleep on the couch and she played Mine Craft. I figured I could start on my goal for the week on Tuesday, which was going to be to shoot footage for a new Patreon intro video, but first I had to make some ads for portrait commissions.

Then I was going to post here, and get the cameras out to begin filming the video pieces. But first I had to draw a cartoon for the next Breakdown blog post, and freelance work started pouring in unexpectedly. By the time Thursday rolled around I knew the ship had sailed and I wasn’t going to get my goal (or even a post about it) done this week.

I have a pair of three-day shows over the next couple of weekends to get ready for, which is always an exciting opportunity to share new work. I’m going to use that prep time to capture footage as next weeks patreon specific goal. I’ll talk about that more on Monday. 

Have a great weekend, take care and be good!
Your friend,

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