The Daily Work of Creating Small Things

My sketchbook frustrates me sometimes, but it’s also really calming. It’s a meditation on seeing. There’s a quiet unhurriedness to it, especially when I remember that I only have to work on it for a few minutes, but that I can work on it for a few hours if I want. It frustrates me because even though I can look at past books and see a gradual change, progress in the current one feels glacially slow. Combining drawings of things in front of me on the table, computer screen, or in the world, with my inner dialog makes me feel much more awake and aware of the decisions I’m making. It also lets me share those areas of my life where I feel vulnerable as I work my way through them without feeling the need to actually talk about them all the time. 

One of my goals this year was to draw in my sketchbook five times a week. I feel good about the start I’ve made. I’m starting to see places that I need to focus, and some short-term goals that I can make on my pages. For now though, I just want to keep things loose and enjoy my time with it. Importantly though, I’m excited about getting other projects that have been sitting on my table finished so that I can move on to some new things! 

Speaking of things done for fun. The Google Arts & Culture meme that’s been going around the last couple of weeks has been a lot of fun! It’s cool watching people be engaged in and learn a little bit about art. I was looking at one of my friend’s posts and thought “wouldn’t it be funny if…” so I spent a little bit of time in photoshop and made my own. I’ve loved this painting since it came up in the news a couple of years ago.

Looking forward to another week of drawing, painting, and parenting. Thank you all for sharing the journey. Until next week, take care and be good. 

Your friend,

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