Things You Can Do In 22 Minutes

Coming up with a theme or goal for a new project can be intimidating. There’s a balance to be had between sustainably fitting it into an existing schedule, being challenging, and being fulfilling. On April third, I started the #100DayProject again. There are some unspoken goals with this project, and I have some plans for things that I want to see from it in the coming weeks, but mostly it’s about exploration and settling into a routine of taking part of my job back as a hobby.

Somewhere in brainstorming my topic, my inner critic announced that I don’t have time for this. At the same time, I’d been talking to my students and friends about how we don’t need a huge block of time to create. We don’t need 7 days, just seven minutes. I resolved to set a timer for 15 minutes daily to work, but then the thought struck me that I will spend 22 minutes watching a tv show that I’m not even interested in. Where else to I spend that kind of time? Why waste that time, when I could be doing something that I actually love? So I made a list (like you do) and it looked something like this:

Things You Can Do In 22 Minutes…
1.Watch an episode of Friends
2.Read 22 Pages of a Novel
3.Drive to the City
4.Make French Fries and Grilled Cheese for dinner
5.Wash Dishes
6.Catch up on Facebook Posts
7.Watch 7 Youtube Videos

So, I committed to spending 22 of those minutes drawing in my sketchbook. Nothing specifically for work. No specific theme. Just seeing what I could get done in that short block of time. I ended up adding six minutes of writing, using prompts, bringing my total time up to 30 minutes when you count posting to instagram. 

Things I’ve been into lately –
1. Isle of Dogs behind the scenes videos
2.St Louis Junior Derby. These kids are working so hard and continue to amaze.
3.This song by  Detektivbyrån (its the perfect blend of cheerful and melancholy) 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Until next time, take care and be good. 

Your friend,

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