Watercolor Wednesday: The Craft Yeti

Craft Yeti is the mascot for the Green With Indie craft show held every March at Webster University here in Saint Louis. When we started talking about Craft Monster


and the different characters we’d like to include she was of course

part of the family. The hardest part of her was taking someone else’s

design and converting it to a style consistent with the other characters

we are using while remaining true to the original. Oh yeah, and all the


Craft Yeti was a really fun challenge. On these recent paintings I’ve

been mixing colors before painting them, which is a departure from how I

usually work by layering pure colors on the paper and allowing their

transparency to blend them. Also I’ve been experimenting more with using

colored pencil to finish off the paintings. I really like how the

pencils deepen the watercolor, and allow for quite a lot of control

while adding additional texture.


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